A book every two or three months?

Procrastinating as usual, I was reading articles on writing, knowing that’s what I should be doing,- WRITING. Nevertheless, I continued trawling through them when one phrase in an article on raising one’s profile stopped me in my tracks. ‘An author should aim at producing one book every two to three months’. Every two to three months!! This is what I’ve been doing wrong; I’ve been reading what other authors are writing/ doing/ blogging – when all the time I should have been writing at least four books a year. I sat back and thought about my routine, my pattern (hah – get that? Small plug coming up —http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pattern-Shadows-Judith-Barrow/dp/1906784051 – purely accidental, but making the most of it!) I’ll repeat; my pattern of writing. Which is when I can’t sleep in the night or as much as I can first thing in the mornings before the day (and everyone else’s) begins. I usually hit the floor running after that. After sorting out whatever domestic trivia I have to fit in before going off to class – I tutor creative writing four days a week – I make notes about what needs to be done when I return home later. Then it’s making a meal/ more domestic trivia/occasionally preparing for talks or book-signings/preparing more lessons/ marking any homework – Oh and remembering to chat for at least five minutes with patient husband. (shouldn’t forget to mention he does the weekly shopping – perhaps that’s when I should be writing a book? When he’s out of the house?) Talking of him reminds me of our family and their habit of dropping in, phoning for an hour’s long chat, deciding to give us a weekend visit. All lovely of course, and I’m grateful they still want to see ‘the old folks’ (we are very useful for child -minding and meals) Then there’s our own weekend breaks to visit my mother and our holidays – always good to get out of the ivory tower! So, I’ve been ruminating on this ‘three or four books a year’ and decided I can’t do it. Besides all of the above (which is after all, a life) I spend months researching for my books,I’m too slow a writer, going over everything I’ve written the day before and adding bits (yes, yes, I do know the old adage of getting it all down and then going back over when one has written ‘The End’ – does anyone actually do that? But I can’t) . Then there’s the agonising whether a character will do what I want her/him to do or if I’ve got the setting right (even though all the details of both are on the board in front of me) And there’s the editing with my editor at the publishers.So there’ll be no ‘two or three’ books being written from this house and I’ll have to hope that whatever time I can spend on social media is enough. Or even that my books speak for themselves? I won’t be changing my pattern of writing or my life, which I love. (Oh, another chance for a plug – how fortunate:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Changing-Patterns-Judith-Barrow/dp/1906784396 – Hahahaha) Which leaves me with just one question – are other writers more disciplined? I suspect so. And can they produce ‘two or three’ – or even more books a year? And, if so, when do they sleep?  A last note – sorry about all the parenthesis  (it’s a bad habit I have)

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